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Process of Penile Erection

The process of penile erection is initiated as a result of stimuli such as imaginary, foreplay or visual. Penile erection is required for effective vaginal stimulation. In this process the penis is encouraged to become firmer, harder and enlarged. It is a complex process which involves blood, arteries and muscles. The process occurs when the sexual stimulation provokes the brain to send electrical signals into the penis that reaches corpora cavernosa and arteries. It causes release of nitric oxide in the penis and causes flow of blood in the penile arteries. The smooth penile muscles relax when there is 8 times blood flow makes its way through the arteries. When this process is disrupted in any way is medically termed as erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra helps to treat erectile dysfunction satisfactorily. Erection usually ends with sperm ejaculation.

Reasons for ED

Erectile dysfunction is a major sexual disorder in men that causes little or no erection. Men who are unable to sustain an erection to satisfy a woman are known as erectile dysfunction or impotency. It is caused mainly when the PDE5 enzyme does not allow free flow of blood in the corpora cavernosa thus leaving men deprived of sexual pleasure. There are various causative factors for erectile dysfunction. Some physiological factors causing erectile dysfunction are improper sleep, smoking and drinking, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, anti depressants or prescription medications, hormonal imbalance, increasing age, fatigue, tension and stress, penile diseases or injuries. Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction are unhappiness in relationship, tension, depression or anxiety. Generic Viagra effectively fixes the issue. This medication can be administered without a prescription and very much and effective. It helps men attain erection and maintain it for up to 4-6 hours. After intake of generic Viagra sexual stimulation is required to get an erection.

Identification and diagnosis

It is very important to get the ailment diagnosed before you undergo treatment for erectile dysfunction. It can be diagnosed if you experience lack of libido, ejaculation issues and other sexual problems are clear signs of erectile dysfunction. Since high blood pressure is directly related to erectile dysfunction as it is caused by blockage in the arteries. It is important that the process of diagnosis starts from blood pressure check up. A complete up of urinary system, nervous system is also required in case of any urinary tract infections or problems of depression of anxiety that triggers the cause of erectile dysfunction. Blood tests reveal in case of low levels of testosterones that might be a reason for loss of sexual desire. Ultra sound check also helps to keep a heck of blood flow and in case of blockage in the penis. It also helps to diagnose any kind of psychological factors such as depression, work place stress and tension, tension or unhappiness in relationship. Proper diagnosis of erectile dysfunction helps doctors to prescribe the right medication for you. Before taking any medication doctors will also let you know in case of any other problem that is bothering you and also the precautions required while taking medication.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Increasing competition has created pressure on the health. This has given rise to various other health conditions and one of them that aggravates is erectile dysfunction. It can be best treated with generic Viagra which has been tried and tested by many men who have found its results satisfactory. This medication not only brought back their active sex lives. Erectile dysfunction can also be kept at bay if men start practicing few health tips such as quitting smoking and drinking. Penile surgeries or penile pumps also helps flow of blood in the penis and helps to attain erection. Stress levels can be balanced though cannot be completely eliminated by regular exercises, yoga and meditation. Keeping your diet healthy and nutritious that is free from oily and junk food can help to reduce high blood pressure levels. These are natural methods to deal with impotency issues. Men can also take to counseling from a therapist that works on men. Generic Viagra helps the free flow of blood in the penis and helps men attain erection without any difficulty.

How to prevent ED?

It is very well said that prevention is better than cure. There are various health factors such as obesity, high blood pressure problems, excessive smoking and drinking, work pressure and tension, diabetes, liver and kidney ailments which trigger the problem of erectile dysfunction and other reproductive problems. Poor diet that includes lots of junk and oily food increases cholesterol levels in blood that causes blockage in the arteries which reduces blood flow. Men can prevent these by keeping a check at their weight as obesity is a welcome for impotency and high blood pressure problems. Nutritious diet along with lots of exercises, running and jogging can keep you weight balanced. Though work pressure cannot be reduced but it can be balanced well with regular yoga and meditation that helps reduce tension in mind and recycles body’s energy levels. Avoid too much of alcoholism as that reduces testosterone levels in the body. Low levels of testosterone causes prostrate disease in men. If you are taking medications for high blood pressure then your doctor knows the best for you. Consult your doctor for medication if you are already taking any other medications.

Facts and figures about ED

Erectile dysfunction is said to have no permanent cure but it can be effectually treated with generic Viagra. Physical issues are not the only factors that cause erectile dysfunction various psychological issues are also equally responsible for triggering erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of man to attain or maintain a penile erection. Generic Viagra is the medication that assists men to attain erection. It is also believed that hardcore cycling can cause erectile dysfunction as it causes compression of the perineum. It is believed that erectile dysfunction affects only the old. But it is a myth, modern lifestyle and increasing work pressure also affects the young though most of them are unaware about its signs and symptoms ignore the ailment. Erectile dysfunction not only affects health but also relationships as it makes men feel low and frustrated causing tumult in relationship, business and family.


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Generic Drugs

Generic medication for Administration without prescription

Erectile dysfunction has become common in both young and old men. It has been successfully treated with generic medicines like generic Viagra and other generic medications. Generic drugs are all tried and tested before offering it to our customers. All generic drugs are FDA approved and very much safe to be administered without prescription. The generic version of medications is same as the branded one. The effectiveness is same as the branded medicine. The best benefits that customers can derive from generic medications are that they are quality medications with guaranteed effectiveness and lastly they are available at very cheap and affordable prices, every common man can afford without any difficulty. While using generic Viagra it is advisable to avoid all kinds of fatty and oily food and alcoholism before taking this medicine as it might reduce the effect of the medication. Generic Viagra gets dissolved into the blood stream as soon as you pop the pills. The strong chemical constituent of sildenafil citrate is effective enough to help men to attain erection and last longer in bed. 2medicure offers ED medications into different forms such as in jelly form hence you need not always buy pills as you have a number of choices in front of you.

Generic Viagra

Erectile dysfunction treatment with sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra)

Generic Viagra since its arrival in the market has become a prominent medication amongst men which has helped them come out of the adverse ailment of erectile dysfunction. Just because of an ailment of erectile dysfunction relationships were destroyed, families separated while this medication has proved to be a boon to men by way of representing their masculinity to their partners. Women have been satisfied with the medication and millions of men around the world who have tried and tested this medicine have gained lot of confidence in love making. The medication is safe to be used without a prescription to treat erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra works as an effective weapon for men who had lost hopes in their manhood. Men with diabetes, high blood pressure, tension, hormonal problems etc can take help of this medicine. We are offering different kinds of generic medications at very affordable and lowest price tags. You can buy cheap medicines from us without prescription. Our goal is to meet the customer satisfaction levels and commit to full all their needs and requirement. Generic Viagra must be taken at least 15 minutes before sexual activity so that the medication gets dissolved into the blood stream. Stimulation is required to get the required erection.

Health Issues

Increasing health issues

A great deal of attention has increased on erectile dysfunction as the number of men with impotency is increasing. Erotic pleasure and penile sensation can be increased with the help of generic Viagra. Problems of tensions, tiredness, fatigue, heart, kidney or liver ailments, thyroid disease etc all have an impact on man’s sexual life. The increasing work life pressure, modern life style all these factors make men ignore their health and diet which does not go well in the long run. Running behind chasing their goals men forget their health and also become negligent about their deteriorating personal lives. No one can predict the future hence it is essential to start working on your health from today. Erectile dysfunction and other reproductive issues can be kept away or can be avoided from affecting you by yoga or regular exercise that can help keep you keep a watch on your weight and also keep a check on your stress levels. By taking proper diet men can avoid high blood pressure problems and obesity. Healthy diet includes lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables. These small things can keep man healthy, enthusiastic and sexually active. Generic Viagra helps men to find happiness and ward off their loneliness and make love making exciting and thrilling. The treatment of erectile dysfunction is made possible now and very much easier. Men can get cheap generic Viagra online at very cheap and affordable prices. It has the same effectiveness as branded Viagra. This medication has been capable and successful in building confidence amongst many men who had left hopes about getting erectile dysfunction treated.