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Gorgeous eyelashes with careprost

Who doesn’t love long and beautiful eyelashes? There is nothing better than flaunting dark, dusky, and breathtaking eyelashes. There is such a chutzpah among women to order generic careprost 0.03% for getting those desirable eyelashes. It will transform the demographics of your eyes in just six to eighteen weeks of regular use. Also, the advent of online pharmacy stores have made bimatoprost eye drops price much competitive and economical.

What is careprost?

careprost is basically a version of glaucoma-treating medication that is known as bimatoprost (trade name Lumigan, by company Allergan Inc.) It has been in the market since it garnered approval from American Food & Drug Administration in 2001. During that passé, ophthalmologists and glaucoma patients noted the hair growth side effect, with longer, opulent eyelashes appearing over persisted use. Since then, this side effect was turned into the gold mine & it came to be marketed as cosmetic product. Today, there are more number of people buying bimatoprost discount online pharmacy for eyelash growth rather than glaucoma treatment.

bimatoprost is being used by many women these days to achieve gorgeous and breathtaking eyelashes. There are popular celebrities that have been known to use careprost for eyelash enhancement. Jenny McCarthy & Mandy Moore are the reportedly the avid users of bimatoprost. The advertising stars of the product include popular names like Brooke Shields & Claire Danes. Off late, we had the Mad Men star Christina Hendricks seen promoting the eye care product in a recent fundraising event (careprost wishes challenge).

How to use generic careprost?

It can be applied over the upper eyelid every night before going to bed. The results can be visible after use of continued two months usage. After two to three months, you can bring the application to just two days per week after consulting the doctor. If the careprost is being withdrawn, the eyelashes would return to its normal state.

There have been many studies to examine the after effects of careprost after continued 12 weeks use. It was found that it increased the eyelash length to up to 25 to 30 percent. The thickness & fullness of the eyelashes swelled up to 110 per cent. This is very strong feature of careprost as it has helped thick & full lashes. The eyelash blackness increased up to 18 per cent.

Where can I buy careprost?

bimatoprost does not fall into category of cosmetic mascara. It is the drug that should be should be used only with the doctor’s prescription. Yes, you can use mascara as well as bimatoprost simultaneously. After some time, you won’t feel the need of mascara as your lashes would have grown fully by the time.

Every doctor does not know about careprost. Thus, don’t be surprised if your family doctor refuses to give you the script for buying careprost. But there’s nothing to worry, you can buy careprost online pharmacies no prescription from The eye doctors, ophthalmologists, dermatologists are the most likely to know about the drugs. Thus, if you use careprost , you will be the proud owner of exotic eyelashes in your circle.