Benicar: Uses, Information, Storage, Effectiveness, Dosage, Side-Effects


Why Benicar Prescribed?

Benicar is prescribed to patients who have high blood pressure or suffer from hypertension. High blood pressure is when your BP gets over the rate of 120/80.

  • About the Medicine– It is a medication that is used in the cases of high blood pressure. If you have hypertension and kidney problems, this belongs to a class of medication called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). It indicated for the treatment of hypertension. It has helped thousands of people with hypertension around the world. However, you must use this medicine only for the indication prescribed.
  • Dosage– It is available in tablet and solution form. The tablet formula of this medicine has a thin film coating. Benicar in tablet form is available in the strengths of 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40 mg. It is also available in liquid form. However, while administering it in solution form, make sure that you take the appropriate quantity and use a measuring tool to measure it out.
  • Storage and Handling– This medicine storage and handling should be done at room temperature. Make sure that the medicine is not exposed to sunlight. Keep it away from moisture. Do not refrigerate Benicar. Make sure that the medicines are stored in a dry place. Also, keep it out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Time Taken– Once you take Benicar, you will feel your pressure lowering after some time. However, to stabilize your blood pressure, this medication will take four weeks of usage. In the case of very high blood pressure, it might take up to 6 weeks before it stabilizes BP completely.
  • How to Take Olmesartan– Before taking Olmesartan, you should consult the doctor because it is only a doctor who can prescribe the appropriate dosage for you. Also, you can have this medicine with or without food. Take the medication orally. Do not dilute Benicar and inject it. Also, if you are taking this medicine in tablet form, do not chew or bite them. Taking Olmesartan, along with alcohol, can be risky.
  • Withdrawal Symptoms– If you suddenly stop taking medicine, you might face some withdrawal symptoms like inflammation. So, stopping Olmesartan abruptly is not recommended at all. To stop taking Olmesartan, try reducing its dosage gradually over a few weeks. This way, you can avoid withdrawal symptoms.
  • Side Effects– The commons side effects of taking Benicar are light-headedness, diarrhoea, dizziness, nausea, muscle weakness, and kidney problems. If the side effects persist for more than two weeks, you should stop taking the medication and seek the help of a doctor. In case of any severe side effects, seek the help of a doctor immediately.
  • Caution– If you take any medication to reduce cholesterol, then we recommend that you take Olmesartan at least four hours before taking your cholesterol medicine.

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