clomid | Fertility can be attained by Fertomid 50 mg

To trigger ovulation a prescription drug known as Clomid is used. If you are going through irregular ovulation or becoming pregnant is looking very difficult, then visit a doctor who will prescribe you Clomid tablets 50mg used to treat infertility in women. It is such an oral medication that will induce ovulation and thus increase the chances of pregnancy for a woman. Many women prefers buying Fertomid brand online without a prescription but it is recommended to consult a doctor well and then take it under his supervision.






Clomid 50 mg tab

How to take Clomid?

Women are seen to have great hopes of getting pregnant after stopping Clomid medicine intake. But one should know the ways to use it. Hence you should consult a doctor before you purchase Fertomid tablets online pharmacy

In case of regular menstruation:

  • Take the tablet on the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle.

  • Continue it for the next 5 days.

  • Take it one time daily.

  • When it is 10th day of the cycle, from then till the 16th day daily you should involve yourself in love making.

  • Then on the 21st day, get a blood test done.

  • If as per the reports ovulation did not take place then wait for your next cycle to begin.

  • If for the next 40 days, menstruation does not take place, get a pregnancy test done.

  • You need to consult a doctor if the test report is negative and you did not bleed.

  • But if menstruation took place, then start to take Clomid once again.

  • Increase the dose to 100 mg if previously it was 50 mg.

  • You can also take a 50 mg dose two times daily and continue it for the next 5 days.

  • If ovulation does not take place then also, then start with 50mg dose three times for the next 5 days.

  • But if the report on the 21st day says that ovulation took place, but you are not pregnant then you should again start to take Clomid tablets till the next 6 cycles.

In case of irregular menstruation:

  • If for the last 1.2 months you did not menstruate, then get a pregnancy test done.

  • You should consult a doctor if the report is negative.

  • The doctor will prescribe you a medicine to trigger menstrual cycle.

  • 5-10 days after taking the medicine, you will usually menstruate.

  • But if you do not, then go for a pregnancy test.

  • If the report is again negative, continue with the tablets that your doctor prescribed you before.

  • If then also you do not menstruate, you should visit your doctor.

Precautions that should be taken

Women are seen to buy Clomid fertility pills from 2medicure pharmacy, which is a online medical store well known for selling good quality medicines at an affordable price. Before buying the medicine, have a good idea about the precautions that you should follow.

  • If you are having ovarian cysts then avoid taking it and if you do then at first consult a doctor.

  • If you are obese then it is better to not use it.

  • If you already went through 6 cycles of menstruation, the Clomid should never be taken.

  • While you are taking this medicine, you should avoid taking alcohol.


What are the side effects of the medicine?

  • Headache

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea


Immediately visit a doctor if the below mentioned side effects occur

  • Uterine bleeding

  • Pelvic discomfort

  • Visual disturbance