Dapoxetine Priligy : A marvelous remedy for Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Dapoxetine is the drug available for treatment of premature ejaculation among males from sixteen to sixty years of age. It is marketed under brand names of Priligy & Westoxetin. The serotonin transporter is blocked after using dapoxetine which helps with the action of serotonin at next synoptic cleft. This results in holding of ejaculation for longer periods of time & man’s thing stays erect for longer period of time. This medication was originally manufactured as anti-depressant drug, and it belongs to SSRI category drugs. However, it is not exactly like other SSRI drugs, because it gets immersed quickly in the body and gets expelled very soon. Thus, this feature of working very fast makes it popular as PE drug rather anti-depressant.

The priligy drug comes from Eli Lily Pharma Company, but now the drugs are part of Johnson & Johnson as they were sold to the latter in year 2003. The FDA has received a new drug application for premature ejaculation treatment in form of this drug.

If you visit any sexologists for sexual problems, there is high probability he will advise you to buy dapoxetine for treatment of premature ejaculation. It can be used with Viagra as well, but it should be checked with the doctor in case it does not cause any interactions.

Countries that have approved Priligy

It is easily available online and is approved drug in more than 50 countries across the sphere. It is sold in many Asian & European countries under the trade name Priligy. In United States, these drugs are under the third phase of development which is anticipated to come out soon in market.

In 2009, it got approval in countries like Spain, South Korea, New Zealand, Mexico, & Italy. After clinical tests and government consensus, in 2009, countries like Sweden, Australia, Germany, and Finland began marketing the drugs nationwide. These drugs have been also approved in countries off late in Malaysia, Philippines, Argentina, Uruguay & Malaysia.

Three years back, Menarini obtained rights to market Priligy in three continents: Europe, Africa (most of it), Americas (particularly Latin America). It also has rights to market it in the Middle East (considered as sensitive region for sale of sex-related drugs). The dapoxetine 60 mg price is also been adjusted to cater large pool base of audience.

Priligy review by user

It is found very effective in treating long-time PE issues. We have one review of a young guy

“It was my first time with my new girlfriend. I was quite worried as my previous relationship failed because of PE problem. This sounds unrealistic but this is indeed true. I did not want same to happen this time again. I wanted to stay on for long periods of time, so had confusion whether I should go for Viagra or Priligy. Anyhow, I went for the later as I believe it is much stronger than generic Viagra. As I was using any PE medication for time, I did not know where to buy dapoxetine or how to use it. But Mr. Google helped me with this. After searching lot on internet, I opted for dapoxetine buy online without prescription from 2medicure.com. My review gives it a perfect score, as of now.”