Dapoxetine priligy for men so that your partner doesn’t dump you!

priligy-for-premature-ejaculationPriligy is a drug that can help men perform longer in bed without any stress and tension. The drug is mainly used for treating premature ejaculation problem. Although the medicine hasn’t been approved by FDA for treating premature ejaculation problem the drug is still widely in demand in many parts of the world. In fact as per a experiment conducted by a leading medical institute the drug has enhanced the performance of men in bed for about 4-5 times. Hence, most of the medical experts are of the opinion that the drug can certainly work wonders for men who are struggling to satisfy their partners in bed. The popularity of the drug can be guessed from the fact that every year millions of men solve their premature ejaculation problem with the help of priligy drug. The drug shows results within few days of use For obtaining more information on the drug and its uses, side-effects and availability continue reading the article.

Dosage and usage of priligy

Priligy is a drug which helps in solving love making problems of men erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems. The dapoxetine content in the drug helps men perform and give their best in bed. The drug looks like any other simple pill and you can simply take it with plain glass of water or with any other liquid. The drug should be taken at least an hour before you are about to indulge in love making act. The dosage of the drug would differ from case to case. 60 mg is a medium level of dose prescribed by the doctors whereas 30 mg is the lowest dosage level of the drug. After proper examination doctor will prescribe you the appropriate dosage of the drug. Make sure that you follow the prescription exactly as directed. In case you miss out on the dosage take it as soon as you remember. While taking priligy you may experience some side-effects like weakness, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. However, you do not need to panic the side-effects can be bought under control within few days with doctors help and guidance. However, it is quite important that you do not ignore the side-effects as ignoring side-effects can cause problem to your health.

Where to buy dapoxetine priligy drug?

You can buy dapoxetine priligy from any of the regular shops that sell other regular medicines. In case you are not able to get the medicine from your nearest medical shops then you can buy priligy from the online sites. There are a lot of online sites that offer priligy drug and generic priligy for sale. While ordering the medicine for sale you will be asked for few details like name, address and the required quantity of the drug. These details should be provided correctly as otherwise the product will not reach you on time. The above article clearly explains what is priligy and its importance for men suffering from various kinds of love making problem.