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sleeping problem insomniaI am Trench and I am here to figure out a story that is connected to my cousin and me. Duster is the name of my cousin and he is an architect. The story starts from the days when we used to plan for a dream house. This was the biggest aim of life. We were from a middle class family. As all of you know that all the odds are to be faced by the people who reside in the middle row. We fought hard for achieving our goals. Duster is elder to me and when I was studying in the last year of my graduation, he completed his architect course. That day was the day of celebration. He threw a party in his house and all his friends were invited. The time I entered the party he hugged me, took me in a corner, and gave a piece of paper in my hands. I was surprised by his gesture because he never used to do things like this.

I opened the paper folding and saw something was drawn on it. Yes, friends it was the structure of our dream house. I was exited but as soon as I observed the party Duster was sitting in a corner with a fake smile on his face. He was physically present but is mind was somewhere else. That day I noticed some other thing as well. I noticed that he had a strong urge to sleep. The next day when I went back to his home, he was still looking the same. I asked him about the matter and he stated me about his weird condition. He said that he is suffering from insomnia from past days.

I understood the scene and took him to one of my friend who was practicing on medicines. He looked at Duster and gave the cure in a fraction of second. He advised to order lunesta dosage 6 mg from 2medicure because generic lunesta for chronic insomnia is the best medicine created ever. We both were dumb in the field of medicines and hence asked him that where can i buy lunesta sleeping pills. He just gave a hint to buy lunesta a cure for insomnia online. Moreover, that was enough for us and after reaching home Duster placed an order to buy eszopiclone for curing insomnia. He started the medication and never used to forget the dose of lunesta. In other words, he was dedicated towards this drug and in return, the drug spread the effects. It worked on the fluid of the brain that causes insomnia. Duster got relief in his problem after few weeks. After getting relief, he started to build the dream house that was once planned by us. I contributed my bit and the rest was done by lunesta. Today, we have everything and we removed the tag of middle class. This was possible because of lunesta.