Flonase Used to Treat on Your Nose Allergies


There are many types of harmful allergies in the world. People around the world suffer from the annoying and irritating symptoms every day. However, although many people are living with the allergies there is possibly no diagnosis or treatment that is clear. Some of the allergies can become very serious that they can cause the under eyes to swell. There is also many are the occurrences of the black eye or shiner.

The allergic shiners can be visible as if the person has been practising boxing or some severe sport. The colour change and the swelling are due to the symptoms of allergies. It is caused by the congestion of small blood vessels that are situated underneath the skin. The allergy called as the nasal rhinitis is known to create a combination of issues such as shiners, swelling in the throat, eyes that are watery, mouth breathing and more.

What is Flonase used to treat?

In these cases using the spray fluticasone propionate inhaler generic can be very effective. These sprays will provide you with the pleasant feeling in your nose. If you feel that you are not able to breathe properly you can use the nasal spray Flonase which will clear the irritants in your nose and will relieve the blocks. You can breathe properly after using this air spray. However, the medicine comes with a set of instructions that needs to be followed by the user. Let’s see what they are.

The things to keep in mind

Ask your medic if you have any queries related to the spray. This medicine is only for the use of the nose; therefore, it must not be used in the eyes or skin. If it mistakenly gets in these areas rinse it off immediately with water.

•           When you are using the spray for the first time you have to prime the spray. Press the top of the spray six times for the fine whiff of air to come out. Prime the spray again after seven to eight days gap. You have to shake the medicine well and good before using it every time.

•           You have to gently blow the nose before the usage of the spray. You can tilt the head back slightly and put in the tip of the nose piece to the nostril.

•           Shut the other nostril with your fingers. Release one spay at the same time while breathing it gently in the nostril.

•           Do not breathe for some seconds and after that breathe out and in really slowly.

•           Spray in the other nostril now.

•           Do not blow the nose after using the spray.

•           Clean the tip of the nose piece with a clean cloth after usage.

•           After 120 sprays stop using the nasal inhaler.


Fluticasone propionate 250 mcg nasal spray dosage for the nasal polys is one spray dose for the adults and for children the dose must be decided by the medic according to the child’s condition.

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