Generic Latisse- Your Only Resolution for the Eyelashes you dreamed of

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Generic Latisse which is basically a solution to treat thinning or lack of growth of Eye lashes is a FDA approved product. It is also referred to as Lumigan and contains 0.03% of Bimatoprost. This is a highly effective eye drop solution which lowers the eye pressure providing relief to patients suffering from Glaucoma. It also aides in the growth of eyelashes helping people who suffer losing their eye lash.

There are many stories floating that Generic Latisse 0.03% doesn’t work on many patients. Many have been complaining that the clinical trials bio statics has controversies and has not yet been clarified. There have been discussions going on in the industry pertaining to the patent expiry and legality of pricing and marketing the product. Some allege that the patent right issued has expired and some point out that the pricing does not gel with the commitment the company initially issued.

There are also disputed raised on the originality of the many Generic Latisse sold in the drug stores and online medical shops. A couple of Makeup companies have reviewed the product as potentially harmful since it enables hair growth in the corners of eyes. There is no proof that 0.03% Bimatoprost is really properly used in the product which is the basic element that aides in eye lash growth.

There have been allegations from many quarters of UK and USA that people who used Generic Latisse experienced adverse reactions. Complaints pertaining to unbearable and undesirable side effects experienced by patients are also witnessed in many websites. People also seem to have complained about the high affordable cost of this eye lash growing serum, Careprost 0.03%

Any medicine faces controversies and objections. The negative reviews and allegations made on the medicines in the Internet must not be used as the measuring scale to decide the effectiveness of the same. So I thought I will understand the real facts about generic Latisse 0.03%. Through my efforts what I understood about careprost 0.03% was totally contradicting the above allegations and disputes.

The fact is that Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03% is highly effective in people suffering from Glaucoma and thinning eye lash. Many positive reviews by users who benefited from Generic Latisse 0.03% are available online as well as with every Ophthalmologist around the world.

Going through the real facts I recommend people to buy Generic Latisse 0.03% Online. For those who are cost conscious and want to go in for an affordable one can get Careprost online and the cheapest place to buy Careprost at

Of course there may be some patients who might have experienced side effects on using Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution. These may even be due to the pre existing they were having or medications they were administered on for treating some other ailment. Go in for Latisse Eyelash enhancer reviews from genuine websites or ophthalmologists who will help you understand the effectiveness of the medicine.