How useful is Bimatoprost in Treating Glaucoma


Bimatoprost is used to treat high pressure which occurs in the eye as a result of glaucoma or may be any other type of eye disease. This medication is believed to work by taking a control of the flow of the fluid inside the eye. Thus it makes the pressure low. This low eye pressure helps to prevent blindness. Before you buy bimatoprost online eye care, inform the doctor if you have any allergy to the medicine. If it contains any inactive ingredients, then it will cause allergic reactions. Let your doctor know about your medical history and if you ever had any eye problem.

How should you make use of bimatoprost?

Use bimatoprost online best eye dropsin the affected eye once daily in the evening. Always use it as prescribed by your doctor. Using it more frequently than suggested by your doctor will decrease the effectiveness of this medication. Before you apply it, always remember to wash your hand properly. Never touch the dropper’s tip or let it touch your eye on any surface for avoiding contamination. Apply the eye drops every day to get good results within a very short time. Try to use it at the same time every day. If the prescribed dosage causes no positive effect on your condition then do not increase the dosage on your own or take it more often without consulting your doctor. Even if you get well continue to use it until and unless your doctor asks you to stop using it. Most of the individuals who suffer from glaucoma never have any sick feeling. If you use any other eye drops and ointments then wait for at least 5 minutes before you apply bimatoprostto treat glaucoma eye disease that damages eye'scondition. Use it before apply any ointment to allow it to get into your eyes well.

Is it safe to use bimatoprost?

Before you order bimatoprost online from 2medicure, a popular online shop and use it to try glaucoma, be aware that like any other drugs, bimatoprosttoo has few side effects. Some of the side effects that might occur are itching, dry eye, red eye and blurred vision. If these side effects persist or worsen, contact your doctor. If you use it only one eye, then it will gradually cause brown discolouration of your eye’s coloured portion. Such a change can become permanent but there nothing certain regarding its long term effect. If it occurs get medical help and opt for eye tests regularly to keep a check on it. Since your doctor has examined that this medication’s benefits is more than the risk of its side effects, hence he has prescribed it. Some people are also reported not to get affected by any such serious side effects. But if you suffer from any eye pain and infection along with quick vision change, visit your doctor as soon as possible.