Is Latisse Serum Eyelashes Growth Effective for All Women?


It is not suitable for every woman out there looking for voluminous eyelashes. First off, it’s a product that has not been tested on pregnant woman so it is certainly wise to avoid it during pregnancy. Women who are looking for its eyelash serum qualities could take it into consideration that eyelash serum is known to darken skin around the areas applied and even change eye colour. If you are certainly comfortable with these unpredictable side effects, you can buy Latisse cheap for eyelashes growth. You can get serum online purchase on drugstore sites or apps you trust, and consider going through customer reviews. Also eyelashes won't start growing immediately. It takes a period of time to actually show effect. So if you are looking for completing an overnight makeover, this serum won’t be of much help. If you can manage to buy Latisse online pharmacy, you can enjoy the long term benefits of it as long as you use the product. It is important to not stop using the product after you start noticing mild to dramatic changes in your lashes.

How does it work?

It is a medication. So if you're interested to know about how it works, we have to be talking technical stuff. The composition includes of a naturally occurring substance called prostaglandin, but in the product you get a manmade version of It- called bimatoprost. The known changes that it brings about are basically increasing of optic fluids and decreasing of the intraocular pressure. To tell the truth how exactly it helps in sprouting of these dark, healthy eyelashes is a scientific mystery. It was actually an unexpected side effect associated with the medication when used in treating glaucoma. If you opt for Latisse eyelash serum buy online, you can use it for yourself to assess its effects on you.

How should you use it?

You should apply one dosage every night to the skin present on the upper eyelid margin at the eyelashes’ base. Ensure the face is clean, remove makeup and contact lenses before using it. Remove the applicator from the tray. Then hold the sterile applicator in a horizontal way. Place a drop of Latisse on that area of the applicator that is close to the tip but never on the tip. Then draw the applicator very carefully across the margin of the upper eyelid’s skin present at the eyelash base that goes from the inner part of the eyelash line to the outer part. Blot away any additional solution beyond the margin of the eyelid. Dispose the applicator after using it once. Use a new applicator for the opposite upper eyelid margin. It will aid in reducing any potential related to contamination from an eyelid to another when you decide to go for generic Latisse online buy now from 2medicure pharmacy.