Latisse lash serum the basic necessity for biological eyelash growth

darker eyelashesPrimitively women always used eyeliners or light mascara if they did not have enough eyelashes to show off. But later there was a trend of use of fake eyelashes on a large scale. It seems like women took up using mascara and fake eyelashes to hide their real beauty. But real beauty lies in something that comes biologically and on its own and not what is fake. Fake eyelashes can only accompany your for a while and not forever. You may need to sit for hours in front of the mirror to apply the stickers of fake eyelashes. And once you remove them the same old bare eyelids without a sign of new follicle growth. Synthetic eyelashes are simply the best way to hide bare eyelids or replicate your looks with a model. But extensive chemical gluing and removing and scrapping the glue on the eyelids are incredibly causing damage to the roots causing them to permanently close the follicles.

Rather than loading layers of synthetic eyelashes that can fall out any time and also very expensive if you buy them it is more affordable and safer to grow organic and virgin eyelashes of your own. If they are your own you need to be worried of them falling off or causing any side effects. Latisse 0.03% solution is a prostaglandin solution that helps to build keratin in growing the eyelashes extensively. It is used for glaucoma treatment basically though it is safe to be substituted as a cosmetic for lash growth as per the FDA approval in 2008.

Latisse eyelash serum opens even closed follicles and helps rapid growth new follicles. Protein being the main supplement for a healthier cilia growth the serum is a perfect blend of essential nutrients which gives a boost to growth thicker and longer in no time. Buy generic latisse online is more safe and effective than relying on synthetic eyelashes that has only damages rather than advantages. Because growing naturally will only depict your natural beauty while synthetic are always synthetic.