Let latisse work magic for your eyes you always wished for!

latisse eyelashes growth

Latisse is a liquid type of serum which is used on the eyelashes. The liquid is ranked as number one makeup and beauty enhancing product by one of the leading beauty magazines. The liquid can be used by any layman. Hence, it is quite popular amongst the women for its easy and efficient use too. An experiment was carried out by American beauty care institute. The experiment was carried out on 100 ladies with short and weak eyelashes. Latisse improved the lashes of about 75% of the ladies and that too within a span of 3 weeks. Hence, most of the medical and beauty experts are of the opinion that the liquid is a sure shot solution to weak and short lashes. Every year lakhs of woman across the globe use the liquid to enhance and develop their lashes. You too can use the liquid after knowing about the dosage, usage and side-effects of the liquid. Continue reading to know more details

How to use latisse liquid?

The latisse liquid can be used on lashes by taking a small portion on the cotton or cloth. You just have to ensure that you are not allergic to the contents of the liquid and you are not suffering from any type of eye infection. The liquid should be applied only on upper eyelashes as it will automatically spread into the lower lashes when you close your eyes. In case of any doubt about the usage of the liquid you can always confront your doctor or refer the instructional manual. The dosage of the liquid will depend upon the existing quality of your lashes. It can be possible that you experience some side-effects of the medicine. Some of the side-effects of the liquid are itchiness in eyes, irritation in eyes and minor rashes. Do not panic in case you experience these side-effects. The side-effects do not cause much problem and can be handled with proper medical guidance and precautionary measures

Generic latisse buy

You can order generic latisse by stepping into any of your nearest shops that sell regular medicines. You can search Google for – generic latisse free shipping and know about the online sites that offer the liquid at best of the prices. You can know about price for generic latisse and other useful information about the liquid. With few necessary details and making the payment the liquid will be delivered to your doorsteps. The payment can be made online or you can choose for cash on delivery option also. Buying latisse is a hassle free and quick procedure