Provigil is one of a prodigy pill that helps to treat sleep disorders

Provigil a best sleep disorder treatmentI was teaching at a school for the past 35 years and my husband decided that it was time for me to quit the job. Well when we got married we had vowed that when our grandchildren would arrive, we would quit working. Although my son does not live with us but we decided that it would be imperative that we took care of the baby while he and his wife would continue working. As a result I retired and was spending more time with my grandson, Jason.

All was fine until I was starting to feel a lot of fatigue. It was because of the change in daily schedule plus I was a little jittery when I left job because I loved my students very bad and they loved me back equally. Then it started disturbing my sleeping pattern. I was not sleeping sound and it was something to be worried at my age. My family doctor paid a visit and diagnosed with a latent form of depression. This was leading to obstructive sleep apnea and all day long fatigue. So, I was asked to make use of provigil to treat sleep disorder.

The best treatment for narcolepsy is provigil in the present market. Narcolepsy refers to excessive daytime sleepiness, irrespective of having sound sleep in the night. So other than to treat narcolepsy what is provigil used for? This drug is used to treat fatigue, obstructive sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, cognition enhancement, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD and several other psychological distresses. The active compound is modafinil which has been legally approved by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration or the FDA to treat narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and other related sleep disorders.

My biggest question for me was does provigil work for long time?

Well that doubt was off boundaries as long as the drug was delivered to my house. My husband decided to buy provigil online pharmacy from, after reading a number of reviews online from the customers. I have been taking one pill of provigil every day after breakfast for over a month now and I can really feel the difference. I have been asked to take provigil for just 3 months as long term use is not really recommended.

Anywho, I really feel very active now just like how enthusiastic I used to be at school. I have been concentrating well on my daily chores and having a pretty good time with my grandson now. I mean provigil really helped me cope up with my depression of retiring and enjoy every bit of my time at home now. I truly feel I am in a much happier place now.