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There are many kinds of people and characters that we come across in life. We gain different kinds of experience from each one of them and they actually teach and educate us. One such incident which I am here to narrate is that of one of best friends John Peter.

Provigil is the Brain Trick

John and I were neighbors since childhood and studied in the same classroom. I am sure nobody knows John better than me except his mother and father. This is because of our closeness at school and after school during studies as well as play. This led to both of us choosing the same technology college the only difference being that the fields. I loved to study aeronautical engineering while John was a tech savvy guy and took software engineering. This was the first ever instance we separated after twelve years together and then I didn’t have any idea that one day he will order Provigil online overnight delivery. This is only the broad summary of what happened in all these years. But, there is a lot that happened during those school days when John was diagnosed with a strange disorder. We could never even imagine that John would be diagnosed with something that put him to sleep.

Provigil is the Brain Sharpeners

What I mean by it is that when he felt sleepy, he had to sleep off right away and no excuses. This is how John was and at one point of time, this became a prank and future was waiting to teach him that Provigil 200mg is a nootropic medication. The biggest prank happened in the chemistry lab when John was about to injure the teacher. As I told he had to fall asleep as soon as he was drowsy with sleep in his eyes. He was holding Hydro Chloric Acid and felt sleepy and the chemistry teacher standing next to him didn’t know he is narcoleptic. In fact, no one knew this and he burnt her skin by crashing on her to sleep on the practical table, wished he knew, how to get this medication prescribed to you. This incident was reported and that was the biggest jokes ever happened at school and a turning. John was referred to the school physician and doctor Gomes thought he didn’t sleep well.

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But, a close observation led to the discovery that he was suffering from narcolepsy and he was put on Provigil. 

    • This Pill is a nootropic medication and the best-known remedy to treat narcolepsy. 
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    • Modafinil is used for Attention Deficit Hyper Disorders, Depression and Shift Work Sleep Disorders too. 
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    • Modafinil is a prominent stimulant medication used even by the military for soldiers to remain active.


Buy Provigil online with the prescription it is completely safe even for a long-term and prolonged use for narcolepsy or ADHD. There had been some side effects which are mild and short-lived and hence can be ignored. One of the biggest side effects if at all any is a mild headache which does not stay longer.