Shy of your thin eyelashes? Apply Latisse for dark and longer lashes

latisse lash serumLong, dark and lusher eyelashes add beauty to the eyes. Looking at the eyelashes of actresses one often wonder how come they have such admiring eyelashes. Unfortunately not many are blesses with such beautiful eyelashes and they endlessly keep longing for the same. Cases of resorting to various hearsay application of creams have also sadly not yielded any result in many cases have damaged the eyelashes making the owner even more distressful. Keep your worries aside as you can grow your lashes with Latisse.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a FDA approved eyelash grower. Just like our hairs on head grows and eventually falls our eyelash sprout goes through the same pattern. Latisse increases the number of sprouts that grow and extends the growth phase. Application of Latisse has shown surprising and satisfactory results and many have beautified their eyelashes by regular usage of Latisse. Latisse may have few side effects if not applied properly hence one need to be careful with few things like avoiding reuse of applicator as it may cause infection or allergic reaction. Apply Latisse every night on the upper lash and let it spread as and when you blink.

The sad case of Sandra

Sandra was young and good looking. She was quite sociable and had plenty of friends but no one came forward to propose her ever. She knew that the reason behind this quandary was her unusual appearance due to her thin eyelashes. She was pretty but almost absence of eyelashes gave a creepy appearance. Once while gossiping with her friends and also discussing about their teachers, one friend blurted out that if Sandra goes straight in front of the teacher he would faint. There was uproar among her friends but Sandra felt hurt. To add to her injury another classmate suggested that she should straightway approach horror film makers. All had a hearty laugh but none noticed the tears rolling on her cheeks.

Sandra was aghast and angry with herself. She felt unloved and started distancing herself from her friends. She started missing her classes and avoided her friends in some pretext or the other. Sandra’s changing behavior was however noticed by her mother who prodded her to share her concern. One evening Sandra burst into crying and expressed her sorrow. Her Mother was shaken looking at the plight of her daughter. She immediately called one of her doctor friend and was advised to try Latisse.

Her Mother ordered Latisse online from and Sandra started applying the same on her lashes. In few days time her lashes grew up to be long, lush and dark. She regained her lost beauty and one fine day gave a shocking surprise to her friends.

At the time of writing this article Sandra has been saddled with several proposals and she is still contemplating. She seems to be spoilt by choice now.