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Women Health | Arimidex for the treatment of breast cancer

treatment of breast cancer

Women experience many stages in the life and the menopause stage is one of them. They must be beware of various illnesses in this stage because they are vulnerable to breast cancer. The hormone estrogen is naturally secreted in the body and the growth of some breast cancers are faster because of this hormone. Arimadex discourages the estrogen to increase and slows bytreatment of breast cancer growth.

treatment of breast cancer

How to use

The instructions given by the medical consultant should be carefully followed it will be in a written sheet. The drug should be taken without or with food. Normally once a day is the dose. To make it more useful to you and to have positive effects have the drug daily. Don’t redouble the dose yourself without the consultant’s recommendation.


Side effects of Arimidex 

  • Sleeping trouble (At the time of treatment of breast cancer)
  • Ache in the head
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset in the stomach
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat

If the side effects get severer tell your medical consultant.

The consultant must have given the proper dose keeping in mind the benefit surpasses the side effects. So this medication usually does not have any side effects. But if you get these side effects severely after using the medication you may have to tell your consultant.

  • Pain in the bones
  • Joint stiffness
  • Breath shortness
  • Swelling, itching and rash eruption

There may be other side effects. If you have other side effects tell the doctor.


Precautions while treatment of breast cancer 

If you are allergic to the anastrozole and any other medication talk to your medical advisor about it. The inactive ingredients in the drug may be allergic to you and it can cause severe allergies. If you have had illness in the past such as liver disease, blood pressure, bone loss, clots in the blood, heart disease. You may feel light headed after you have the medicine. So avoid driving and working in heavy machinery, chores which may demand your concentration. Take a rest after you eat it. The lungs and skin may take in the drug so this is harmful for pregnant women because it may harm the foetus.

It is the drug prescribed for the women after the menopause.


The list of all the drugs you take should be clearly told to the medical consultant because some of the drugs would not in act together with the arimidex. Check these things if you are taking multiple drugs.



Arimidexdosages in situations of breast cancer after menopause are one milligrams daily. This should be continued till the decrease of the effects of breast cancer.



It should be stored at the room temperature between 20 to 25 ⁰ C. Keep out the reach of children and pets.


Online pharmacies

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Arimidex anti cancer pill has magical impact on breast cancer

cancer medicine online

How much horrified state it was when the doctor said, “Yes, this is your initial condition of breast cancer”.  My lachrymose eyes explained a lot to the specialist. I thought that now a few days in my hand and there would be no more Tina. Yes, I am Tina and the challenge in front of me was completely intolerable. I prayed to the almighty that I really did not want to bear the life in this way. Doctor told me just hold down everything would be correct. But, my question was ‘How?’ It was the baffling condition for me to understand the matter. I informed the specialist about my tumor like structure on my breast. Though the matter was painless, but as you guys can understand that anything can happen any time with anyone, so I did not desire to take risk this time and visited to the doctor. What would be the right and suitable among the breast cancer treatments and what would be the right way for my health was somehow risky for me to understand. The perfect among all is the provided medicine of cancer medicine online. There were a number of names of the pills and my specialist provided one chemo pills to resolve the problems. Unbelievable and wonderful magical impact of the medicine has diminished all my hesitated condition and more than that, beseech got fulfilled by the doctor as I really desired to overcome the condition. After grabbing the pills I got the result within a few months and there was no more hesitation and the tumor stopped increasing and the doctor tested that with the help of the latest equipment. So, I believe that magical impact of medicine and technology can easily grab the utmost outcome if you are conscious about your health.

How it works?

It works by shrinking the tumor of the breast and stop its development. It means after getting effect of the medicine the tumor loses its capability of affected the other portion.

How to order through online?

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