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Give your eyelashes the look you always wanted with Latisse serum

latisse eyelash growth serumPopular medicines are always surrounded by controversies. It seems that controversies are a part of the life of a medicine. If Latisse eyelash growth serum is considered, it has faced a lot of allegations and controversies since the time it began to be marketed. However, such controversies have not tarnished its image because those could not be proved on a large scale basis and Latisse continued to reign in its popularity. Let us take a look at the list of controversies or allegations that were raised against Latisse.

  • This drug was said to be producing a number of side effects in users. It was alleged that people using Latisse experienced redness and itching in their eyes, dryness and discharge, pain, inflammation, vision changes and a burning sensation in their eyes. Such side effects would scare away anyone but there was no wide proof that every user was experiencing these side effects. It was seen that side effects occurred in even less than 3% of users. Usually people who are allergic to Bimatoprost, the main ingredient in it, are likely to suffer from such symptoms. This is why it is recommended that people visit a doctor to make sure everything is suitable for them before they buy generic Latisse online. Thus it can be safely assumed that you can use it if your doctor has given you the green signal. Do not worry 97% of the users have benefited from the drug.
  • The next allegation against generic Latisse was that it darkened the skin of the eyelid and surrounding areas in users. Once again this couldn’t be proved. This durg darkens the eyelashes and is not supposed to show any effect on the surrounding areas. You must make sure you apply it only at the base of the upper lash line. If it seeps to places surrounding it, side effects like these may appear in some people. Take note of that and be careful while using the drug.
  • It was also accused that it has changed the color of the iris. This allegation too could not be proved. There aren’t any confirmed reports of changes in the iris pigmentation after the use of it and thus this allegation too can be called baseless. In order to be safe and secure it is always advised to not put in Latisse serum into your eyes. It is strictly meant for the eyelashes only.
  • Lastly, some people complained of hair growth in places around the eyes. It must be remembered that it promotes hair growth on the lash line and thus it needs to be applied on the lash line only. If you put it anywhere else other than the lash line or if it accidentally seeps to places around the eyes, you may notice hair growth. You have to be cautious while applying the medicine.

Thus you see how the allegations are either baseless or unproved and Latisse is perfectly safe if you use it correctly and as per your doctor’s instructions. If you want to at last gain eyelashes like the ones you always dreamt of, buy Latisse online. You can find Latisse lash serum at online pharmacy. It may be available under names like careprost. Search the online medicinal sites and buy careprost free shipping.