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The most promising medicine for premature ejaculation: Dapoxetine

treatment of premature ejaculation buy Dapoxetine

My husband was suffering from premature ejaculation since a week. It was getting really worry some for me and my sweetheart. It was not just about my satisfaction. It was about my husband too. Stress and shame crept into his life because of this problem. I felt really very bad for him. I researched through websites and came across Dapoxetine. I convinced my husband to take the medicine after reading all the wonderful reviews of this medicine. He started taking 30 mg this pill every time before the sexual intercourse. For best results, it should be taken one to three hours before the sexual activity is expected. If you want to get Dapoxetine without prescription onlineĀ  from pharmacy stores are a good option.

I gave a deep insight of the medicine to my husband regarding its use and effects. I would like to share it on this platform too. This premature ejaculation pill works by inhibiting a neurotransmitter serotonin. It acts really fast and its rapid onset of action is one of the main advantages of this medicine. It has been accepted by USFDA only recently. Many people have used this premature ejaculation pill and observed a welcome change in their sex life. It can gift a genuine smile to your partner and liberate him of his problem.

Follow certain measures of caution while using this medicine. First of all, do not use the medicine with alcohol and drugs like antidepressants, antibiotics and antifungal agents. Take it with water to get rid of any possibility of dehydration. If the patient experiences any feeling of faintness, the medicine should be immediately discontinued and he should lie down to increase the blood flow to the brain. Syncope and orthostatic hypotension can be caused by this medicine and the doctor should be informed without any unnecessary delay.

You can buy generic Dapoxetine online from pharmacy stores. It can be taken safely and even withdrawn without any withdrawal symptoms. Mild side effects like dizziness and nausea may be exhibited by the patients but these are quite manageable. You can even purchase Dapoxetine online in bulk from World Wide Web. Get Dapoxetine without prescription from these online stores.

According to studies, this PE pill significantly enhances the intra vaginal ejaculatory latency time in patients using it. If 30 mg Dapoxetine fails to bring any desirable effects, the dosage can be increased to 60 mg only if the patient has no side effects with 30 mg of the medicine. Check for the silver tamper evident seal to check for the authenticity of the product. If it is damaged, return the product. Website verification is also available with this premature ejaculation pill. This is the first drug to have such verification for counterfeit products.

Side effects seen with this premature ejaculation pill are more related to the dosage rather than the treatment. Diarrhea and headache are some of these dose dependent side effects. There is no possibility of an intensified risk of suicidal tendency or suicidal attempts in patients taking this medicine. Abrupt this PE pill cessation also does not cause any withdrawal symptoms which are again an additional advantage.

Dapoxetine unfailing drug when it use to treat premature ejaculation

premature ejaculation treatment

The view of making love always tends to emphasize the fact that the activity is pleasurable and natural for both the partners. Both partners should be equally involved and capable too. Men and women face different problems when it comes to sex. As far as women are concerned, persistent sexual arousal syndrome and inability to get arousal may be seen. Men more commonly face the problem of erectile disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder. Premature ejaculation is said to be present when the person cannot maintain an erection and therefore the sexual experience is unsatisfactory. I was bothered by the same problem and because of that I always lived in the guilt and stigma of not being able to make my wife smile after making love. When I started taking Dapoxetine, I got relieved of this distressing condition. I got an in-depth knowledge about this medicine in the course of the treatment. It is truly a breakthrough discovery in the field of medicine.

Treating Premature Ejaculation- The drug action and dosage

As a treatment of this condition, a number of rapid-acting short half-life selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are under investigation right now. One of them is Dapoxetine. It is a very effective drug that acts by binding to serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake transporters and inhibits their uptake in the order of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. It should be taken 1 to 2 hours prior to the planned intercourse. It is tolerated quite well and successfully increases the intravaginal ejaculatory latency time. If you are planning to buy generic Dapoxetine online, 30 to 60 mg of the medicine is the recommended dosage. It should be taken once every 24 hours. If the effect of 30 mg is well tolerated but insufficient, only then increase the dosage to 60 mg. In case the patient has experienced orthostatic hypotension on the 30 mg dose, do not escalate the dosage. It is easy to get Dapoxetine online even without any prescription. I am not yet sure about the duration of its effect.

Side Effects and Drug Interactions

The side effects are mainly dose dependent. It can cause nausea, headache, dizziness and diarrhea. This Premature Ejaculation medicine should not be given along with drugs like duloxetine, HIV-protease inhibitors such as Amprenavir or Fosamprenavir and herbal medicines. Linezolid, Lithium, macrolides and opioids are also contraindicated with this medicine.

Special Concerns

  • If you buy Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation treatment, make sure you take it with at least one glass of water.
  • Dehydrated patients should not be given this medicine.
  • For patients who have purchased Dapoxetine online, if you experience any light headedness, lie down without any further thought.
  • Standing up suddenly after sitting or after lying down for a long time is not advisable.
  • The doctor should be informed if the patient faints during the treatment.
  • Driving or using any tools or machines is not allowed.

Make sure you have the genuine medicines

Counterfeit medicines are easy to recognize. The genuine packs of this Premature Ejaculation medicine are sealed with silver tamper-evident sticker. A unique, individual serial number is also given to every pack.