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Arimidex- Cancer is Just a Word and Not a Death Sentence

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Our heart sinks with grief and agony when we hear about the word CANCER. Breast cancer is a curse which doesn’t spares any women on any grounds irrespective of age, gender, colour etc. It was when my 43 years full of life aunt was diagnosed with this horrible disease, that I came to realize how our life surrounds with darkness and hopelessness even with the slightest thought of losing our near ones. But my aunt was the female version of the gladiator and with the aid of proper medical help she was able to put on her boxing gloves filled with utmost determination and fought bravely with the dreadful disease. It was it in November 2013, when her gynecologist referred her to the breast cancer center and made a clear diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer and suggested her mastectomy surgery. She was operated with nipple sparing mastectomy surgery with reconstruction. After surgery she was put on long term medication therapy or what is commonly referred to as oral chemotherapy treatment. It was at this stage when a miraculous medication named arimidex breast cancer drug accompanied her and helped her to win the battle against Cancer. Let’s take a sneak peek of what the drug is about and how it became a superhero.

Arimidex is an aromatise inhibitor which has its key ingredient Anastrozole. It is basically recommended for postmenopausal women with benign tumor. It generally works by lowering the levels of the hormone estrogen in the victim as unusual increase in the level of estrogen’s is one of the primary cause which favors the growth of tumor forming cells. You can purchase arimidex online and avail its benefits in a hassle free way. When the levels of estrogen’s are reduced then it becomes difficult for the cancer cells to survive which results in prevention of episodes of re-occurrence. Since it is a strong drug and not a child’s play so in the event that you purchase anastrozole it is strictly advised to administer it as per the guidelines of your oncologist.

Are there any side effects associated with Arimidex?

Since it is a drug and not a magic potion so there will be mild to moderate levels of side effects which would strictly depend on the resistance power of the individual. Arimidex works by lowering the levels of estrogen’s and in this process the level of calcium and other minerals in bones might decrease which might lead to anastrozole side effects joint pain which can be resolved by incorporating supplements or following a nutrient rich diet.  However, it should not be pretty much a cause of concern as such kind of side effects, if present, will gradually diminish with time. Moreover the benefits, of taking this drug are much more than arimidex side effects joint pain.

Where can I buy arimidex online?

If the question where can i buy arimidex online, without much of a stress, is bothering you than your worries ends right here. You can buy arimidex online in its generic version at a wallet friendly price as generic arimidex for sale from offers the same benefits as that of the branded versions but without burning your budget.