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Bimatoprost – The Splendid way to Get Beautiful Eyelashes


The class of medication Bimatoprost belongs to is called Prostaglandin analogs. It increases the flow of the natural fluids out of the eye and in this way lowers the pressure in the eye. This solution is used to treat ocular hypertension due to the increase in pressure of eyes and Glaucoma which is the increase in eyes pressure which may cause vision loss. It actually does not cure glaucoma and ocular hypertension but controls it. This is prescribed for other uses also by your doctor.

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is used to decrease the level of pressure in the eyes which is the factor that leads to glaucoma. With the help of Bimatoprost, the disastrous effects of glaucoma can be controlled. It is sold under the brand name Lumigan. Bimatoprost works by maintaining the normal pressure in the eye. When the fluid in the eye is properly maintained the pressure in the eye can be controlled. It belongs to the category of medicines called prostaglandin analogues that reduce the ocular pressure which when out of control causes glaucoma. So use Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution to lessen the effects of glaucoma.

How to use it

Bimatoprost ophthalmic generic solution 0.03 during the evening can be effective to enhance the appeal of the eyes. This solution should be monitored according to the prescription of the medic. They will tell you how much you can use to rectify the flaw of the eye. But it should not be used more than the prescribed amount because it may lead to a decrease in the intraoculor pressure lowering effect. It must be used in the particular quantity just once a day not more than that. Many things can determine the dose of the solution given to you. The body weight, medical conditions and other medicines.  It is available in the brand name Latisse. So you can buy it asking for this name. Follow these instructions before taking this medication.

•           Wash the hands before using the solution in your eye.

•           The solution must be contained in an airtight container.  For better results of using this medicine close it properly.

•           Apply this solution carefully. Make sure that the container does not touch your eyes.  Eyes are a very sensitive organ. A little disturbance may cause serious allergies in your eyes.

Important information to be followed

•           Use an anti-bacterial hand wash to clean your hands.

•           Check whether the dropper tip is cracked.

•           Do not touch the dropper clip it should be kept clean.

•           Tilt your head and pour the solution carefully in the eye,

•           Clean the excess solution which is spilt in the face.

•           Close the lid tightly and wash your hands.

•           Keep it an appropriate place from heat and moisture.

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Where can I buy Bimatoprost

It can be bought without prescription after using it once. Order Bimatoprost online from 2medicure.com. It is also cheap to buy Bimatoprost from this reliable pharmacy.

Generic Latisse- Your Only Resolution for the Eyelashes you dreamed of

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Generic Latisse which is basically a solution to treat thinning or lack of growth of Eye lashes is a FDA approved product. It is also referred to as Lumigan and contains 0.03% of Bimatoprost. This is a highly effective eye drop solution which lowers the eye pressure providing relief to patients suffering from Glaucoma. It also aides in the growth of eyelashes helping people who suffer losing their eye lash.

There are many stories floating that Generic Latisse 0.03% doesn’t work on many patients. Many have been complaining that the clinical trials bio statics has controversies and has not yet been clarified. There have been discussions going on in the industry pertaining to the patent expiry and legality of pricing and marketing the product. Some allege that the patent right issued has expired and some point out that the pricing does not gel with the commitment the company initially issued.

There are also disputed raised on the originality of the many Generic Latisse sold in the drug stores and online medical shops. A couple of Makeup companies have reviewed the product as potentially harmful since it enables hair growth in the corners of eyes. There is no proof that 0.03% Bimatoprost is really properly used in the product which is the basic element that aides in eye lash growth.

There have been allegations from many quarters of UK and USA that people who used Generic Latisse experienced adverse reactions. Complaints pertaining to unbearable and undesirable side effects experienced by patients are also witnessed in many websites. People also seem to have complained about the high affordable cost of this eye lash growing serum, Careprost 0.03%

Any medicine faces controversies and objections. The negative reviews and allegations made on the medicines in the Internet must not be used as the measuring scale to decide the effectiveness of the same. So I thought I will understand the real facts about generic Latisse 0.03%. Through my efforts what I understood about careprost 0.03% was totally contradicting the above allegations and disputes.

The fact is that Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 0.03% is highly effective in people suffering from Glaucoma and thinning eye lash. Many positive reviews by users who benefited from Generic Latisse 0.03% are available online as well as with every Ophthalmologist around the world.

Going through the real facts I recommend people to buy Generic Latisse 0.03% Online. For those who are cost conscious and want to go in for an affordable one can get Careprost online and the cheapest place to buy Careprost at 2medicure.com.

Of course there may be some patients who might have experienced side effects on using Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution. These may even be due to the pre existing they were having or medications they were administered on for treating some other ailment. Go in for Latisse Eyelash enhancer reviews from genuine websites or ophthalmologists who will help you understand the effectiveness of the medicine.

Exact Application of Latisse Gives You a Stunning Look Like

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Acquiring an eye catching look to get appreciated by all is the prime requirement of a smart and beautiful lady. However, those girls who want to grab the looks also apply a lot of tips. Every lady wants to have distinctive look. Now, to make your look beautiful and gorgeous, Latisse can be the best and the perfect one. However, you must have the exact knowledge of application and also knowledge of its action as well as side effects to eradicate your hesitation and to enhance your confidence level alongside. So, Latisse solution for eyelash growth is perfect or not must be decided by you.

Information of Latisse

People need to have the proper information to know the exact matter. These are as follows-

  • First one all you should know that why Latisse is used confidently to enhance the eyelashes. The most common and the perfect constituent is bimatoprost and it is used in the treatment of problematic condition of eye known as glaucoma. So, by means of product it is safe and medically approved that careprost is the best product to enhance the eyelashes.
  • Application of the serum is the prominent part of therapy. So, how to apply? You must go with Latisse generic bimatoprost 3ml solution as prescribe by the ophthalmic expert. Apply the serum on the upper eyelashes and not over the lower one or in eye brow. The reason is the probability of getting lower pressure can be seen after that. Redness and swallowing are the common problems when used by anyone at the lower eyelashes. So, be careful while applying on the lashes.
  • Is there any side effect of the serum? There are a few which can be seen in only 4% of the user. Some common Latisse eyelash growth side effects are itching, redness, eyelid redness, watery eyes and dry eyes. It may be due to error in application or other problems.
  • You must know that if you are applying any eye drop other than Latisse or bimatoprost, then take doctor’s suggestion as you must know that is you are doing everything correct or not.

How to order through online?

Some important things are discussed above; however it is also important to know about the different ways of purchasing the effective serum Latisse. Now, you must need to know about how to make a proper order. For that you just need to select the most accurate online pharmacy. If you have the knowledge, then it is good, but in case you don’t have perfect knowledge, then you should take assistance of expert. Without hesitation you can search through online as where can i buy generic Latisse online pharmacy store. You just need to order the medicine through online.

Now, you can easily get that careprost eye drops 0.03 (bimatoprost) is completely suitable as 0.03 is the amount of bimatoprost that needs to add in the serum for the right way of getting eyelashes. So, now you can easily get a gorgeous look by enhancing your eyelashes to make it volumetric and long.