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Being an MD, microbiology I have came across numerous patients suffering from various sorts of infectious disease, but the one I am going to write in this article is truly the most inspirational success story which would surely spread awareness among the people. It was in the month of February 2014 when a patient names Tiffany came to me for complaints of frequent pain and irritation in the vaginal area accompanied by swollen glands and unusual vaginal discharge. After a pelvic exam with a heavy heart I had to say her “dear you have herpes “. She was totally devastated and looked at her partner who was sitting beside her in the most furious way. She broke into tears and told me she has contracted the disease on account of unprotected oral sex with her partner. Her partner was feeling very guilty at this as he himself was unaware of the fact that he has herpes. I prescribed the girl the most common and effective antiviral therapy for herpes infection Valtrex, and advice those to go for Valtrex 500mg buy online. After the girl left angrily and utterly disappointed with her partner, the boy came to me and was desperate to know more about the drug, as I would strongly feel the guilt in his eyes and the fire to repent his mistake by helping to cure his girlfriend at every possible cost.

He fired me with questions regarding Valtrex, the first among which was how the drug will work. To which I replied, the drug combines with the immune system to fight against the bacteria causing herpes. The drug blocks the production of DNA polymerase enzyme which makes it impossible for the bacteria to thrive inside the host body. He then asked me about how long it will take her for a complete recovery. I replied Valtrex works differently on different symptoms of herpes infection. Valtrex for cold sores, how fast does it work? It will hardly take one or two days for healing cold sores with proper treatment when you decide to approach for Valtrex 500mg buy online. The typical Valtrex dosage for herpes simplex 2 in treating genital herpes is usually prescribed 4 tablets of 500mg 2 at a time at an interval of 12 hours. The treatment ought to be continued without missing even a single dosage for ten consecutive days for the first outbreak of herpes simplex 2.

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His eye which was filled with guilt earlier was now filling with hope when he came to know the exact mechanism of action of the drug and its clinical trial efficacy rates. He eagerly wanted to buy the drug at the earliest so he asked me where can i buy Valacyclovir. To which I replied since it is the most commonly prescribed drug by most of the doctors including me, so it is easily available offline as well as online. He further added can i buy Valtrex over the counter at to which I replied certainly yes, as 2medicure is one of the most trusted names in the world of online pharmacy to which we doctors all recommend to our patients.  Without losing a moment he deduced to buy valterex dosage for herpes simplex 2 from online pharmacy.