Zopiclone, A Medication for Insomnia Treatment


As stress and tension in the world are rising, sleep-one of the most common thing in the day to day lives of human-beings is becoming a rare thing to possess. Many of us often get a disturbed sleep, and as a result, you don’t get up feeling fresh.

Insomnia is a disorder that hinders sleep from coming to us at the right time; it makes us stay for hours in bed before you finally fall asleep. Even while asleep, one might feel the process of the sleep hindered several times. Insomnia also can make drowsy during the day time as one does not get solid sleep.

If you are facing similar troubles, for which the quality of your life is being compromised, then you can easily buy Zopiclone 7.5mg online without the prescription. Peaceful sleep is just a few clicks away.

  • About the Medicine- It’s a non benzodiazepine hypnotic medicine that helps treat Insomnia. It falls under a category which is called ‘sedative-hypnotics’.
  • Zop brand name dosages- It is available in strengths between 3.5 mg to 7.5mg. It is important that the severity of your trouble is known before settling for a particular dose.
  • The effectiveness of Zopiclone- It is a tranquillizing medicine which is effective in cases of Insomnia. It is typically takes around 1 hour to start affecting and sedating the central nervous system. Zopiclone shows its effect for 7 to 8 hours. However, you must take this medicine 12 hours before you intend to be fully active again.
  • Approved Age for Taking- It should not be taken by people who are under 18 years of age. Adults can choose the dose according to their requirements. However, elderly people who are above the age of 65 are advised to start off with 3.5mg pills.
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  • How/when to take – It can be taken on a full stomach or an empty stomach, sometime before going to bed. The tablet should be swallowed with a glass of water, and should not be crushed or chewed. At any point, if you wake up at night, do not take another dose of zopiclone.
  • Side effects- The side effects that are associated with this medicine are, bitter taste in the mouth, dry mouth, constipation, appetite changes, indigestion, weight loss and agitation (more common among the elderly). The side effects are not very common but you should seek the advice of a doctor if you find any of the side effects troublesome.

NOTE: Do not take zopiclone if you have difficulty breathing, have sleep apnea or suffer from some sort of liver disease.

It is a superb sedative if you are searching for something that will give you a good night sleep. You can purchase 7.5mg sleeping tablets online, the approved age for taking this medicine is 18 years, elderly people are advised to take a lower dose. Buy Zopiclone to give the rest your brain that it deserves.

NOTE: Overdosing on Zopiclone can be very harmful.